Warzone Season 5 Has Finally Fixed DMZ’s Most Annoying Bug

The Aug. 2 release of Warzone Season 5 brought countless changes to the battle royale, DMZ, and MW2 annual installment. It might have also fixed the dreaded ‘dev error’ issue facing players in the extraction mode.

Dev Error 7186 Should Be Fixed in Warzone DMZ Season 5

For a number of weeks now, Warzone’s DMZ mode has been plagued by a developer error affecting players when they travel to Building 21 and the Koschei Complex. There’s been a lot of silence from the devs too, but with Warzone Season 5 it’s finally been addressed.

The devs first publicly responded to the problem on Aug. 1, adding a card to the Modern Warfare 2 Trello board. It confirmed they were investigating “an issue causing some Players to encounter Dev Errors in Building 21.”

On Aug. 2, when the full patch notes dropped, the DMZ section confirmed that part of the update includes a fix for dev errors. It said: “Fixed an issue causing some Players to encounter Dev Errors in Building 21.”

Warzone DMZ Building 21
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

The limited-time POI, only accessible on weekends or during special Warzone events, has recently been kicking players out upon loading in. They are hit with a ‘dev error 7186’ message after being kicked, and it forces players to reload in or try various workarounds.

A cause was never clear, with players failing to notice anything in common when they experienced the problem. Theorized causes included out of date drivers and un-verified game files, but here’s hoping we don’t need to do anymore digging to work out what was behind the issue.

Naturally, we’ll only find out if it was eradicated for good in the coming days and weeks, with some bugs – like the first Warzone’s infamous ‘demon gun glitch’ – surfacing again and again after the devs ostensibly removed it.

Either way, drop into the DMZ, take the fight to the Konni Group and enjoy Building 21 without the threat of the dreaded ‘dev error 7186’.

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