Marvel Snap’s PC UI Is Nearly Done; Conquest Improvements, Guilds, & More Detailed in New Roadmap

It’s been a while since Second Dinner last sent us a development roadmap, detailing all of the new bells and whistles they were planning on adding to Marvel Snap. Most of the features have since been added to the game, and a new roadmap update gives us an idea of what else is to come in the future.

You can check out the roadmap for yourself down below:

Image Source: Second Dinner

The biggest, most exciting feature that’s coming up soon is the PC UI that’s been teased since the game’s official launch late last year. While Marvel Snap is already available on PC via Steam, it still uses the mobile UI. The developers have announced that the widescreen UI is nearly done, and we should see it roll out pretty soon.

In addition to that, other small but important changes include streamlining the number of screens and clicks it currently takes to get through Conquest mode. We’re also getting new music updates for each season rollover, as well as the ability to upgrade cards quickly and with Gold.

Further down the pipeline, Second Dinner has announced plans to improve the Spotlight Cache system, including additional rewards like Gold Conquest Tickets and more Tokens. Going even further than that, the team has a few ideas that are still in the conceptual phase, such as Mythic Variants and social features like guilds and clans. The team also announced that they’d like to add a new game mode to Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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