Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 Kicks Off This Month with Johnny and a Game-Changing Update

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube Guilty Gear Strive’s game-changing update, which kicks off Season 3, launches on the 24th August — and it doesn’t arrive alone. Infamous swordsman Johnny is finally back as the first DLC character of this fresh season, and he looks more stylish than ever before in his reveal trailer. There … Read more

Original Raven Returns in Tekken 8 Alongside Coffee-Loving Newcomer Azucena

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube Tekken 8 went big at Evo 2023 with two incredibly cool character trailers. The first, embedded above, is for Raven — and we don’t mean Master Raven from Tekken 7. That’s right, the original Raven, who first appeared in Tekken 5, is back — and he’s clearly been practicing … Read more

Here’s Your First Real Look at the Return of Fatal Fury

@Vega37 “The CCP already influences content made by American and European companies simply by being a massive source of consumers devs have to edit content for just so they can release it in their market”Sure but non-American devs have been doing that for years to get games released in America. Costume edits, character age changes, … Read more