MRAP & Dirt Bike Morph Warzone & DMZ Into Explosive X Games

Season 5’s newest vehicles have changed the dynamics of Warzone and DMZ as we know it, cultivating fun and challenging elements for the two modes. While the MRAP has become an unstoppable force in DMZ, the Dirt Bike allows you to try out a few nifty tricks in the heat of the battle.

Due to the MRAP’s heavy armor, many players have expressed their concerns over the overpowered vehicle, in which they have countlessly succumbed to its deadly attacks. One user has noted an experience where the tank completely annihilated them, despite having a fully equipped 6-man team.

You can see the MRAP in action thanks to Reddit user TheSkyscraped48, who attempted to bring the mech beast down with a hefty amount of bullets. However, the armor plates were too tough to break, causing the team to be downed from its grenade turret.

Several players have come up with a solution to counter the MRAP, and the general consensus is to keep a JOKR with you at all times, permitting you to take it down through its explosive abilities. Reddit user Substantial-Park7154 has also suggested utilizing enhanced Crossbows, Shock Sticks, and the tire’s weak spots.

On the other side of the coin, the Dirt Bike has been ushering in some chaotic fun with its various tricks. Like the X Games, players can earn a ton of points (XP) based on their agility, but they’ll still need to watch their back with the surrounding threat.

You can even tag along with a friend and jump on top of the bike to cruise down the highways of Al Mazrah. Just be sure to stick the landing since you can end up falling like DMZ player Geeky Pastimes.

So, whether you are wreaking havoc with the MRAP or becoming the next X Games contestant with the Dirt Bike, you can certainly stir up some trouble with these new versatile vehicles. Maybe someday we could see a DMZ racing competition, expanding the team-based mechanics the mode is known for.

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