Blizzard Announces Date for World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Servers

If you frequent the OG realms of Azeroth, you’ve no doubt seen the buzz surrounding the venerable “HC” (amidst the LFG and innuendo posts that otherwise flood the general chat channel).

Since it was first revealed in June, the notion of a hardcore version of World of Warcraft Classic has got everyone prepping themselves for the devastation of permadeath, plying their trades in the PTR (public test realm) servers while they wait for the real thing.

At last, we now know exactly how much longer we’ll be waiting, as Blizzard has announced that the hardcore servers will go live (and dead) on August 24th.

Revealed as part of their This Week in WoW coverage, the team has described the upcoming challenge as such:

Face Azeroth’s dangers in WoW Classic’s Hardcore realms and see just how far you can go. You only have one life to live, and the Spirit Healers won’t be there to whisper sweet nothings and send you back out into the world of the living when you die. Death is permanent, and once you’ve been bested by the environment (or even other players), you’ll need to create a new character to try, try again.

Blizzard Entertainment

The feature will be implemented in the 1.14.4 content update, with the incumbent Honor system also being retired as part of the patch.

For more information on how World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore will work, you can check out Blizzard’s Rules of Engagement post. Happy hunting, and remember to watch your aggro!!

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