Battle for Bloodborne PS5 Enters New Phase as Modders Port 60fps Patch to Retail Hardware

Bloodborne PS4 PlayStation

A secret war has been fought in the shadows for years now by combatants who have fought tirelessly to achieve their ultimate goal: getting FromSoftware’s excellent PS4-exclusive Bloodborne running at a locked 60fps (1080p) on PS5, at all costs. The tenacity and perseverance demanded by the Soulslike player (or some say Soulsborne), when combined with serious technical skills, is a frightening one to behold.

Lance McDonald, along with Illusion, two names of note among this elusive community, have managed it. Through means of dark sorcery and complicated, impressive-sounding jargon, the patch first forged by McDonald has successfully been inserted into a retail PS5 by Illusion. The result is a beautiful one:

This should go without saying, but modding you’re PS5 is a serious risk and not something we’d advise, even if we understood how it all worked. Still, you have to imagine this kind of thing puts pressure on someone, anyone in a position to give fans the official thing (or just throw cash at the modders that did it for fun.)

What about Bloodborne drives this dedication, this single-minded obsession, this all-consuming need for knowledge and to push the boundaries of the cosmic and unknown? Let us know in the comments section below.

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